If I am not verified on uphold, would my payment be lost or accumulated for the following month?

Good afternoon, I make this post with the purpose of clarifying a doubt to solve a problem that I am currently presenting. I am a content creator, I have a YouTube channel called “Empire of Marketing” and it turns out that in recent days I have requested my verification in the wallet “Uphold” Send my documents in a normal way, and now they are asking me for a second form of verification on which I don’t have, and to get it it will take me until the other month and to be able to verify myself with total normality in uphold. Now my question is … If my uphold account is not verified yet and payment day arrives 8/8/19 my brave rewards for referral would happen with it? They would be lost? Or would they stay there until they verify me? I await your response please since I do not want to lose my payment and I am trying to verify uphold as soon as possible

Nothing will be lost @imperiodelmarketing. Your BAT will still on your publisher account, until you connect your verified Uphold account.

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@eljuno Thank you very much thank you a lot. And another question … If my publisher account has an email … can I connect an uphold account with another email that is not the same as the publisher?

AFAIK, it’s better if you use the same email for both accounts. But let me cc @asad @steeven for confirmation.

Also, you can mentioned me (or other moderators) if you not get an answer within 24 hours. You don’t need to open a new thread.

Hello good afternoon, how are you? I pass here again to see if my question could be consulted among the admins. Happy night I await your response @asad @eljuno

Hi @imperiodelmarketing - it would be better if you could use the same email for your publisher account and uphold. Are you able to do that?

Hi @steeven I find it very difficult, so I was asking since I expected to receive my payment this month. But then it is not possible to receive with an email other than uphold?

It’s fine to use different emails for your publishers account and your Uphold account!

@Asad Thank you very much, I appreciate it a lot

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