If I accept all cookies on a website, does this override my Brave cookie settings?

Sorry, very basic question and apologies if this is in the wrong place. I’ve set Brave to reject 3rd party cookies. Most websites require me to accept cookies or go through several steps to define which ones I’m happy to accept. It’s obviously easier just to ‘accept all’ but if I do this, does it override my Brave settings? Or, because Brave is set to reject 3rd party cookies, can I save time by always accepting all cookies on a website, knowing Brave will prevent 3rd party ones? Thanks. I just couldn’t find anything explaining this online.

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This is an interesting question that I have as well.

How should we interact with website cookies enable/disable functions given that we’re using Brave Browser and that the ads we’re supposedly being shown for rewards are independent from those cookies right?


As far as I know, these notices are simply disclaimers — I don’t believe that clicking “Accept all cookies” on these banners actually has any effect on site contents.

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