If Brave Rewards is disabled, related utilities/extensions should not be loaded

I currently have Brave Rewards disabled, at least that’s what I’ve indicated in the brave://rewards/ page… (funny that when I copy that from the address bar it gets pasted as: chrome://rewards/)

However, two utilities and one extension are still loaded:

  1. Utility: Bat Ledger Service
  2. Utility: Bat Ads Service
  3. Extension: Brave Rewards

If I’ve opted out of Brave Rewards, it should not load related utilities/extensions. Similar to how when I disabled the Brave Wallet, it doesn’t load anything related to it.

I think this would boost confidence on tech savvy users (and thus spread the word), whom may be put off from testing Brave if it doesn’t act this way. Ease the users into Brave Rewards through other means.