IE Tab like option

A few sites don’t work well in Brave - ones I’ve come across are Meraki Dashboard ( where the map is rendered very badly, Google Earth ( just doesn’t work past the start page. Any site that requires a plugin not supported in Brave such as WebEx. This is the case even with Shields turned off.

I’m sure eventually these will be fixed, but until Brave is used much more widely and site developers test against it, Brave will be playing whack-a-mole getting different web apps working.

I currently need to open Chrome or another browser when I want to use these sites. That kind of sucks.

Chrome and Firefox had some extensions which allowed certain URLs to be opened in a tab that used another browser’s rendering engine automatically - e.g. IE Tab. If Brave had something that did this (extension or functionality), users would get the following benefits:

  • set Brave as default is useful, allowing forgetting about Chrome et al
  • bookmark or pin any site in Brave

This gives a workaround for accessing sites that don’t work within the Brave browser, rather than switching to another browser, which is the current option, and likely results in further tabs being opened in Chrome, IE, Edge etc.

The feature makes Brave easier to adopt as a daily driver, which has knock on benefits for uptake of BAT and other things besides.

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