Ideea for all people who lost the Bat and no recovery

Becouse it happening to me like it happened at a lot of people i open this topic and i encorage to sign all togheter maybe like this the administration seen and solve this problems and in the future not happen again. Or the ADMINISTRATION MUST MAKE AN REALISTIC DECLARATION is a fake publicity only to install Brave browser and what you earn in months they delete and dont risponde any more.

So în my case and in general what i read on topic after a time all the reward what you gain from adds disepear. What i read on Brave forum it happen for a long time and nobody from there take any action. I woander if it go away only the rewards from the final people or it disepear and 30 procent what it ca în Brave. I want to open this topic for everybody who lose the reward bats without any reason and another warning like this united maybe we move the guys from Brave to do something and in the future dont happening any more to disepear what you win. Or to tells us we dont win nothing becouse after a time something deleat all the rewards or somebody who create the bug. FOR THE DONT OPEN INDIVIDUAL THE SOME TOPIC ONE BUT WITH A LOT OF UNLUCKY PEOPLE AND LIKE THIS WE GONE SEE US.

We get thousands of support requests every day and do our best to work through as many Rewards issues as possible. They are typically complex and can take some time to resolve. We have no interest in not living up to our word – if BAT is “lost” (or appears to be lost), we will work with you to try and make sure it gets back into your hands. If you look through the forum you can see support team/Brave team members and trusted forum moderators tirelessly attempting to work through user’s Rewards issues, so this

…is simply not true. As you did not ask for any support or any specific question I’ll be closing this thread. If you’d like assistance with a Rewards issue you’re having, please open a new topic and follow the posting guidelines and someone will be happy to assist you.

Thank you.

No support request.
No question asked.
Aggressive and unnecessary.