Ideas for making Brave Rewards available for Steem bloggers

Every blogger who uses his own website can easily become part of the Brave Rewards system. But there are also bloggers that use the Steem Blockchain for publish their content. There are other platforms like Medium too, but to integrate Steem could be a little bit different. Because it is open souce. so I made my thoughts about this, I want to share now.

I think two blockchain based ecosystems should work together in order to increase adoption for tokenization, building the new web and providing usability and interoperability of cryptocurrency and utility tokens. This is also part of the mission to make user generated content valuable and I think it is even more important as contributing to tweets, that can only contain 280 letters(this is why i think there can not be much value in a tweet).

There are different Steem user interfaces that can be used to post on the Steem blockchain. For example,, and much more. All these websites show the same content - the content that is saved on the blockchain. But if I contribute BAT to one of these websites(most of them are verified), the money will go to the UI and not to the Steem bloggers who made the content, I want to contribute for.

There are two different ideas to solve this:

  • the BAT go directly to Steem authors, bypass the UIs
  • the Steem UIs receive BAT, but they hand over a part of them to the bloggers

So it could be solved from both sides. But both solutions have also problems that I want to discuss.

First there is the possibility that Steem UIs give BAT back to the authors who made the content. The problem here would be, that it is not visible on which URL a Tip was made. But an advantage would be that the UI can take a part of the rewards for themselfes to keep their systems running. This is an issue that has to be solved by each UI itself. Brave can not do anything to improve that(maybe except letting the UIs know on which URL a Tip was made).

So lets see the solution where Brave can serve for, like on other platforms like Youtube and Twitter before: When contributing while using a Steem interface, the browser could detect the authors username which content is currently shown(as like on the other platforms) . Then the BAT could go directly to this User after swapping the BAT amount into STEEM or SBD. Since a steem-username and a steem-wallet-address are exactly the same thing.

The problem here is, that the steem user is not verified. An other solution would be that steem users can add a channel to the Brave Payments dashboard by singing a message with their Steem key. This would be the solution like is it on any other platform before - Just using a mechanism to verify ownership over the account.

I am happy to discuss out solutions for bringing Brave Rewards also to Steem. Many Steem users are already using the Brave Browser and so this would end up in a strong alliance between both systems. In order to build a better movement against the former big players like Google and Facebook who are representing the old web full of problems that we want to solve by innovations like Brave, BAT and Steem.