Idea: Links that open other apps shouldn't open a browser tab

Every time I click a link that opens an outside app (such as slack, figma, or miro, etc) brave first opens a tab, THEN opens the app and leaves the dead tab. It would be great if it automatically closed the tab that is creating the redirect or, even better, don’t open the tab at all, JUST open the associated app.

Why this is helpful:
The user ends up with a bunch of extra dead tabs, it feels clunky and slow, and can cause annoyance when it has to first open and focus brave, create the new tab, only to now open and focus another app. This is particularly annoying when the link is clicked from OUTSIDE brave to begin with.

Scenario: In your email or in slack there’s a link to a figma prototype, that opens brave, creates the new tab, then opens figma. I understand the route this redirect needs to take, but afaik, there’s no reason the dead tab needs to remain behind in brave, correct?

Another great example of this is clicking on a zoom link in a meeting invite, only to have a dead tab pop the zoom window (once zoom opens, that tab can self destruct)