Id like to withdraw my bitcoin due to recent price increases


I deposited into my brave “wallet” a long time ago and just forgot about it. Now due to the recent price increase, the bitcoin is worth much more than I would like to keep or spend in a browser. I tried contacting the guy specified in the other posts about the same issue but got no response.


In the release notes, they say this is a one way wallet. Can’t spend on anything other than ads, and can’t withdraw money.


That will surely hinder adoption. no plans of making this browser suitable for e-commerce then? I just saw google is working on some payment protocol API. Where are these release notes?


Wallet and payment information is below. The payment-request API is independent of Brave Ads. It’s a standard, and I think google are adding it to the chrome code, so it should become available in Brave also, I think,. it does look like a good idea.