I'd like to make specific donations after I read an article?



I’ve just installed Brave. The main reason I did this is that I want to donate to articles that I think are worthy.

There is a mechanism built in (monthly amount, payments determined by total spent on a domain).

(I also use Blendle so have some idea what I want to do.)

I use a number of browsers in normal browsing so payments are not going to be ideal.

What I’d like is a way to

  1. Pay a fixed amount per article, with a refund policy if I think it’s not worth reading. Happens all too often. (Sometimes I spend time commenting on an article, pointing out an error say, I would not want to pay extra when I do that!)
  2. If I really like an article I’d like to donate to the team that made that article. Not the whole publication, just the guys who did that bit. (In general a publication, like a newspaper, has a lot of contributors and I typically want nothing to do with many of them.) That’s payment immediately after I read an article. From time to time I’m going to want to make a large donation this way, when I see worthwhile work.

I can envisage a system where I could choose your existing system or construct the one I’m talking about here.


Thanks for the suggestions @MikeGale - I’m looping in @alex for his thoughts on your suggestions.



Just wanted to chime in about some features that should be coming in the future for Brave Payments system, in addition to the automatic distribution behavior.

In future versions of Brave Payments, you will be able to make instant, one-time donations to a website, author or channel. For instance, if you like an article or video, you will be able to click and donate a certain amount on the spot. This is similar to your point #1, and I just wanted to put it out there!

However, to be even more precise, in terms of “payment for articles” as opposed to contributions, something like you suggested will be coming and is expected to comprise part of the utility of the BAT token: namely, the use of BAT tokens to pay for articles behind paywalls, premium subscriptions, digital goods and so on. For more information, refer to the BAT whitepaper.

If I really like an article I’d like to donate to the team that made that article. Not the whole publication, just the guys who did that bit.

Essentially, this is partitioning below the domain level (i.e., individual tenants on a platform vs. the overarching platform/landlord). This is already possible with YouTube and Twitch, for example, where you can donate to individual channels on YouTube rather than the YouTube platform itself. The same applies to Twitch. We should expect this to extend to other platforms as well, and hopefully the publications you have in mind.

For example, Twitter (where you donate to specific Tweeters), Reddit, and some other news blogging platforms have been confirmed. Support will be coming for them in time. You can always suggest more publications/platforms too, like being able to support individual authors on the NYT!


That is great news. With this sort of control, in my view, a healthier payments ecology becomes possible.