Icons are appearing distorted during browsing sessions

Brave Mobile (version 1.44.105)
Device : Galaxy A20s
Operating system : Android 11

Issue : icons are appearing distorted.i even tried reinstalling brave browser many times but it didn’t work. Shown in screenshot

How this issue is triggered : this issue is triggered after fresh installing the browser.The first session (in which we adjust our browsing settings goes normal) but in next (2nd season) the icons are not rendered correctly during browsing sessions.

i asked my friends about this and they said this issue has something to do with google.fonts.com i am not really sure about this.

i kindly request brave team to fix this issue.

In brave://flags and disable all “accelerated” options. (and retest)
In brave://flags and disable “Vulkan” option. (and retest)

i only disabled vulkan option and looks like the issue has been fixed.

Okay great. If possible mark it as solved. It helps other users find solutions, faster

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