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Brave Brows. has a bug with Apple iCloud Webversion.
I cannot write Apple ID or password.

Windows 10 latest.

Does not work with Shield is deactivated.


+1 on this as well. Additional testing I did was try in a private tab and some fresh alternate session tabs with same results. Username textbox nor ‘keep signed in’ check will not gain focus; even when there is focus as default when you first visit page you cannot type in to the username box.

Edit: Also this bug is observed running on Win 10, I also have brave installed on Ubuntu and was successfully able to navigate through Icloud pages


Hey, are you experiencing this with the experimental ‘each site…own process’ feature enabled that is seen on the security settings screen? I have been playing with that feature over the weekend to find that our issue here only happens with that feature enabled; perhaps check on that, in which case this would be a bug related to that feature.


@vault_dweller820 that is correct. Enabling site isolation causes some issues on a few websites. This is know as its still an experimental feature.

@Apfelfan I have added a note on your behalf here on the tracking issue

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