iCloud Login Text Fields Cannot be Typed in!


I am unable to sign into my iCloud account on this browser - no text will be put into the textfields of the website. This works on all of my other browsers so there is something wrong here. Pls fix

ALSO could someone please add the functionality to close tabs with a keystroke - like on Chrome its command - E for me – it just makes me work & surf faster. Thanks!


Do you have fingerprint enabled for iCloud login? What shields settings are you using?

Keyboard shortcut to close tab is Command+W


I have this issue I have to go to Chrome to login to icloud mail.
I cannot type in the login windows using the onscreen keyboard or the hardware one. It doesn’t matter which shield settings I use. The login box is blocked from entering login data. I am on Windows xp pro.


@vpnm Sorry Windows XP is not supported. You need to be on Win 7 or higher.

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