I would love to see Brave add a function to share referral links/codes with other brave users


Yeah so I have looked around the Web for ways to share my referral links/codes for businesses or websites I have affiliate reward program with. Most places I signome up with almost always provide a incentive for myself and the person reffered. I CAN NOT FIND ANYTHING THAT ALLOWS FOR THE QUICK , SIMPLE AND GARUNTEED SHARING OF REFERRAL LINKS/CODES. I like that Brave is doing Rewards from advertising revenue to views ads. which will be roled out sooner or later. BUT I think it would be so cool and beneficial to have the ability to enable a function to except a referral code/link when visiting/signing up on a webpage. People that participate can be allowed to share ONE referral code/url for a business that offers affiliate rewards and that they are a member of. Only limited to one per site so not to clutter things up. Brave can keep a sequence of first come first served sign ups. Those creating accounts on websites/businesses for the first time and that have the function turned on in Brave to share referral links/codes will automatically be forwarded to a referral URL when signing up OR have the code autopopulated. It would be able to really utilize a person’s ability to referre people, tie the Brave community/users together, make more people switch to Brave because I can find a single thing that does that and be a great money maker. Why waste the time of trying to share your referral link/code on social media and blogs plus try to talk people into trying the website/business. WHEN YOU CAN AUTOMATICALLY GET A FREE REFERRAL FROM SOMEONE THAT JUST WANTS TO START ACCOUNT ANYWAY BECAUSE THEY ALREADY DECIDING TO DO BUSINESS. I do not know any other browser or service that does that. It would be really cool and helpful.


Same! Yes please - even just a quick and easy “install” landing page with a simple appeal to social proof (e.g. “James invited you to Brave”) would be enough for me.


Thanks for the reply James. Yeah I use a app named Quarry were you can share and up vote news articles. You earn ROX tokens with them focus on cryptocurrency BUT what I love about Quarry is they share Airdrops and they have a feature were they provide people your referral URL. It’s easy and I love easy, especially easy money. So yeah people go to sign up for the Airdrop and they automatically get my URL populated.

A landing page would be great. Either way I have found very little that functions like Quarry or a means to easily share referral information.