I would love to see Brave add a function to share referral links/codes with other brave users

Yeah so I have looked around the Web for ways to share my referral links/codes for businesses or websites I have affiliate reward program with. Most places I signome up with almost always provide a incentive for myself and the person reffered. I CAN NOT FIND ANYTHING THAT ALLOWS FOR THE QUICK , SIMPLE AND GARUNTEED SHARING OF REFERRAL LINKS/CODES. I like that Brave is doing Rewards from advertising revenue to views ads. which will be roled out sooner or later. BUT I think it would be so cool and beneficial to have the ability to enable a function to except a referral code/link when visiting/signing up on a webpage. People that participate can be allowed to share ONE referral code/url for a business that offers affiliate rewards and that they are a member of. Only limited to one per site so not to clutter things up. Brave can keep a sequence of first come first served sign ups. Those creating accounts on websites/businesses for the first time and that have the function turned on in Brave to share referral links/codes will automatically be forwarded to a referral URL when signing up OR have the code autopopulated. It would be able to really utilize a person’s ability to referre people, tie the Brave community/users together, make more people switch to Brave because I can find a single thing that does that and be a great money maker. Why waste the time of trying to share your referral link/code on social media and blogs plus try to talk people into trying the website/business. WHEN YOU CAN AUTOMATICALLY GET A FREE REFERRAL FROM SOMEONE THAT JUST WANTS TO START ACCOUNT ANYWAY BECAUSE THEY ALREADY DECIDING TO DO BUSINESS. I do not know any other browser or service that does that. It would be really cool and helpful.

Same! Yes please - even just a quick and easy “install” landing page with a simple appeal to social proof (e.g. “James invited you to Brave”) would be enough for me.

Thanks for the reply James. Yeah I use a app named Quarry were you can share and up vote news articles. You earn ROX tokens with them focus on cryptocurrency BUT what I love about Quarry is they share Airdrops and they have a feature were they provide people your referral URL. It’s easy and I love easy, especially easy money. So yeah people go to sign up for the Airdrop and they automatically get my URL populated.

A landing page would be great. Either way I have found very little that functions like Quarry or a means to easily share referral information.

where can i find my brave referral link?tnks

Hi you need to sign into you Brave Publishers account. Once your logged on you will see your linked content channels. For example if you have a YouTube channel it will say “YOUTUBE CHANNEL” and you have YouTube channel name listed.

To the right of that you will see a button that says “Referral Link”. Click that and it will show your referral URL. It will also have a “Copy” button that will copy the URL for you so you can paste the URL somewhere else.


i am referring to the download link referral of brave browser and not the brave publishers account…tnks

They don’t have a referral system/link via only the Brave Browser directly that rewards you BAT for people that you refer to download the Brave browser. I dont think they have that feature yet. Right now I believe YOU HAVE TO HAVE a Brave Publishers account in order to get rewarded for people downloading the Brave browser. So for you to get referrals for people downloading Brave you have to register and start a Brave Publishers account.

Any update? I would love this please