I would like to implement full screen (On / Off) function



I have “Feature Requests” in Brave of Windows Desktop version.
I hope that full screen (On / Off) becomes possible using [F11] key.

・About usage environment:Windows 10 Home (64 bit) 1709 build:16299.431, Brave 0.22.714


Hi @owl,

It does use F11 to enable/disable fullscreen. Just for now, the fullscreen not hide URL bar and tabs bar.



Yes, I regularly use full screen – more or less! The bottom taskbar disappears when I hit F11, but the top menus always remain.

I too would like to see a true full-screen. Perhaps there’s a hazard in that? I did a trial run of the Tor browser, and it would shriek when I went full screen, warning that it was now vulnerable.


An issue logged for that here