I would like to become a Developer or Engineer Employee or any Other Job for Brave. Is it possible?

Good day Brave Team,

I decided to write you here because I am looking for a Developer Position.
Brave is one of the Top Crypto Project in which I believe.
I have done a lot of personal projects in C/C++ .
I also worked 3 years in a company on Python Machine Learning.
I have a very strong background in Mathematical Engineering.

So my experience in company is not huge, but I really wish to be involved in a company (in which I really believe like Brave) to make my experience better.
I am 38. I have a PhD in Computer Sciences.
I am French, so please excuse the imperfections of my English.

I am ready to work remotely or to move if absolutely necessary.
And I would be happy to contribute to Brave Project, as I believe in it.
And that would help me to gain experience and confidence.

I am not the best in the recruitment process and technical tests. But I can confirm that I can learn anything, and that I can be very efficient in the middle/long term.
I am ready to learn Java Script, Java or any other languages like Rust.

I have used a lot of C , C++, Modern C++ until now, and collaborated with Scott Meyers on his book about Modern C++.

I hope you will trust me to give a chance.

Could you indicate me the email of the persons who could potentially hire ?

Thank you.

I already applied in the past.
I applied again today.