I would like help I have a problem with the update

I had a problem after the update and I would like someone to help me because the truth is that I have had the problem since morning.

Well I don’t know how but because I have many bookmarks due to technical and professional tasks as well as studies, and for some reason the search engine has my bookmarks by default and they usually come out as a suggestion, and that is annoying because I have to write and develop keywords quickly to be able to find my search but the marker comes out and I lose everything I’m doing.

no doubt today was a tortuous day, I couldn’t work well and I felt very uncomfortable.

So your issue is that you’ve got bookmarks coming up in your search suggestions and you want it to stop? Am I understanding you correctly?

Under Appearance in the Settings menu, you can turn off suggestions.

yes and look in appearance and nothing comes out of that

Unfortunately, that’s the only place I can see suggestions in the menu. I looked through all of the options I could find.

Do not try for a long time, but do not achieve anything

@Alexlonely Does it still not work when you turn these off? -


yes i guess i stay like this

Do you get only bookmarks as suggestions? Can you share a screenshot of your appearance settings?

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