I wonder why the tokens I've earned from Brave for 2 months are not coming to my account?

I wonder why the tokens I’ve earned from Brave for 2 months are not coming to my account?

Please raise a ticket at

It’s currently a weekend. Brave Support generally is not active during American holidays or weekends. Also want to point out that they are working on tickets, usually on a first come, first serve basis. On average month, it’s a 3-5 business day turnaround.

They are thiefs! They cut my BAT in this month i should get 7,001 but I’ve get only 2,500… Brave is doing scam since few months! Thy showing us such small amounts of ads, when I have set max in settings, when i wrote them message they have fix it but only for one month, or they do not pay at all… smels like scam!

Buddy, calm down. The ads you see, they are paid by businesses to advertise on Brave. If there aren’t enough businesses in your area willing to show ads on Brave, then youll see less ads.

I am from India and see around 10 to 20 ads daily I guess.

Payments are still processing. Wait for them to be complete.

If you still don’t receive it, then ping here.

Stop calling them thieves. Lmao, there’s millions of monthly users. The number of users might be 100 per millions. Maybe even 200. Is that a lot per million? Huh?