I wonder that when I switch from "Block 3rd party cookies" to "Allow all cookies" while using Facebook, is it harm to my privacy while using Facebook or not? Because if I do that I can watch videos on Facebook


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I wonder that when I switch from “Block 3rd party cookies” to “Allow all cookies” while using Facebook, is it harm to my privacy while using Facebook or not? Because if I do that I can watch videos on Facebook

Edit: In case you mean “allow all cookies” only as long as you watch facebook videos, delete all the cookies afterwards and switch back to “Block 3rd party cookies” as soon as you finished watching videos, I’d say, maybe a tiny little bit, not much.

Otherwise, if you switch to “Allow all cookies” and leave it like this - short answer: Of course it is!
Long answer:
About every site you visit will send you a unique cookie so they can recognize you (to some extend) when you come back as “the guy/girl who got this cookie that exists only one time”. But that’s relatively harmless, sometimes you’ll even want to be recognized when you come back. And this is not prevented by "Block 3rd party cookies” anyway.

The next step are advertisers and - things like facebook. To put it simply, they put iframes and links to images on totally foreign sites, e.g. www.brave.com, this site has a facebook button on it. When you visit www.brave.com, the facebook servers are contacted and asked to send the image of said button to your browser. While doing that, the facebook server asks your browser to send all cookies you got from any server of the facebook and gives you a new one. Note that you are NOT visiting facebook, you are still on www.brave.com, facebook is the “3rd party” on www.brave.com. So due to exchanging cookies, the facebook server recognizes you as the guy with that unique cookie, if you ever logged in into facebook, they can connect this cookie with your name and now they know that the guy named “Nguyen Baoidol” (<- if that’s your Name ;-)) has visited www.brave.com at June 13 at 1:35pm – that is, facebook can track you all over the internet: Every time you visit any site with a facebook button, facebook learns when you visited that specific site.

By blocking 3rd party cookies, they can’t recognize you that easily on any other site except their own ones. (This is the simplified version, without being able to send you cookies and read them back they loose the connection to your name only if you don’t login into facebook that day, otherwise they can track you via your IP number.)

It’s similar with all the big names, like Google (the majority of all sites uses scripts from Google), Amazon (tracks you via their commercials) and whatnot.

So yeah, it is, absolutely. (The only “alternative” you have is clearing your browsing data very often, by going to “about:preferences#security” and clicking “Clear browsing Data Now …” often.

Edit: Sorry for not keeping it tidy. It’s an answer, I needed to explain a few things.


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