I will uninstall the browser I have no payment for March and April

Who has not received payment for two months to uninstall the browser.

I haven’t paid for two months. Will I receive or uninstall the browser ?

you are not in position to give them choice
i suggest you to unistall and reinstall

Hey! The payment is not the only advantage to use Brave, this browser is extremely good in privacy handling, its shield makes websites work faster and flawlessly. If you are interested only in payment, i suggest you to go to Cryptotab, they don’t have anything in privacy, all the advertising fully invasive but you get BTC periodically.

Good luck


Exactly @ricardoh

Listen @abvabv Don’t use Brave for reward only look at other features in that othewise you can uninstall brave and use Chrome.


There are many choices of good browsers out there. Please choose wise and good luck with your choice.

Brave is a great browser in terms of privacy. I love the way it filters those annoying popups. I can also visit some sites that are blocked by other browsers.
This is the main reason I use Brave and I plan to keep using it no matter what.
However everybody is free to use what is more convenient for them.

“Brave Rewards”, as the name specifies, are rewards, not a payment for anything. Those rewards are “given” by Brave in exchange of watching (or not) ads. They give them because they want. Contrary to other services like Google, Facebook, etc, that show ads without giving anything to the users.

Brave browser is free software. Users do not pay anything for its use. Thus, it is unfair trying to claim anything from their developers.

Summarising: Free software; filters most of the annoying popups; other services embedded in the browser like a wallet, news feeds and online talking.
If these are not arguments enough to convince anyone to use it, there are other browsers out there to search for.

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