I will uninstall brave if no payment ( hidden by community ?)

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I believe Brave got what they wanted. They wanted their promotion and our data. they got it and the rewards vanished! Not expecting any rewards from them anymore. Moreover, BAT is a failed project and it hit all time low last november. I just hope that our data is safe and they don’t mess up with our privacy

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about the data yeah i agree
and actually i dont care about my data
someday in the future
our data will published just like we breath…
this is just the beginning of big data project
so i have no worries about that
just like corona… we will have new normal life :stuck_out_tongue:

but about BAT i think you are wrong… BAT in good condition

i think it start to become a thief

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Please read their pinned post. You will see that the payments are still processing. If you have issues after the processing period is over, you can DM one of the staff. Just read the pinned post my friend :slight_smile:

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Already DM last month

did you read i post not get paid for 2 month ?

I read your post. It just seems you are being super impatient. They are processing payments as we speak. If that doesn’t work, try another DM since it has been a month. I’m sure he gets lots of DMs.

i’ve DM the support 2 months ago still no reply

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Try to DM again. I guarantee it got lost in their inbox. Try to be very specific with your issue showing screenshots of everything. I’m sure it helps the process.

i did, twice ,same thing

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i can understand about their DM and Problem, i am developer too…
the question is…

if there is still in progress
where is our 1-2 month payment point ?
and browser dashboard it already back to zero

Hi @MyValidID, I’ve just sent you a DM.

Please send me your wallet payment ID and note that payments are still processing.

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Closing as a duplicate.

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