I was rather confused why I could not connect Gemini with Brave

Briefly describe your issue:

Yeah, trying in the last couple of months to connect brave with gemini and was giving an error. And then went on my other laptop and finally, dang I’m flagged. What a lack of honesty brave people! You dont need to flag my account just to finally remove the ability to have gemini connected to brave rewards here in Europe for the ones who came before, like once one of the mods or who ever mentioned.

Fun facts, actually even being flagged we get an estimate monthly reward. Think about who the dumbest!

Godspeed everyone except you Brave

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (Menu --> About Brave)

Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold/Gemini/bitFlyer)

Are you in a supported region? (see here for list of supported regions)

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You get an estimate so as to not make it obvious what caused the flag, which is to protect the flagging system.

To appeal the flag, raise a ticket at

Can you give an example of how the flagging system would be unprotected by letting user’s know why they were flagged?

Actual scammers will try to circumvent by finding ways… Also if you get to know that you’re flagged immediately after something you did which does fall under the flagging criteria, then it would still be easier for scammer to circumvent the system

For example.
You wanna protect your home. There’s a thief who tried robbing your house but you caught him red handed since you saw him breaking through the door.

Next time he’ll use some other way to come in, won’t he?

Respectfully, I disagree.

  • You get pulled over by the police, they have to tell you why/what law you broke.
  • You go to court, they have to tell you what law you broke, and why you’re being punished.

There are plenty of other well-defined, real world examples where you’re told what law/rule you broke before you’re punished for breaking one.

“security by obscurity is not security at all”.

It’s more of a way to hide potentially illegal behavior on the part of the one ‘punishing’ you for something you don’t even know that you did, or how you did it.

Then it’s your own job to make sure you’ve secured all points of entry before it happens; and if something does happen, then the onus is on you to fix that so it doesn’t happen again. You don’t just leave your window open hoping the thief won’t find it open.

Forgot to mention. They used to tell why you got flagged but stopped after they saw that many people who were flagged and we’re told what caused the flag, they were trying to circumvent the system and still tried to game the system.

Yk what, we can keep arguing if this is justified or not, but in the end we don’t have any control over it

You call it an argument, I call it a discussion; but I also disagree there. Our control over it is to stop using it entirely (along with word of mouth), which is what I’m doing now after this.

It’s human nature to try and game any system; it’s up to the one’s running the game to secure their system. People try to “game” the real-world system every day; laws and lawbreakers; you’re still informed of exactly which law you broke upon punishment.

For the record, afaik I’ve never been flagged here, but I’ve dealt with other companies who’ve behaved similarly as Brave is doing by punishing their user base using a lack of transparency, and it’s not right, nor professional.

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