I want to tip someone but cant Pleaseee help

help me i cant see brave reward icon in newest version in url bar please help!..

1.18.70 version. its newest but no work

In settings you can find Brave rewards
I mean go in Brave setting and search Brave rewards and you will find show Brave rewards or enable Brave rewards icon in search bar or some thing like that.
Hope you’re problem is solved

no not that icon i need on url box

i want to tip a youtuber but i cant becoz nothing is there please help.


You need to provide more information like OS, pic of rewards page so on.
try my web page https://www.youtube.com/user/el84band. let me know what you get. Brave browser does not always setup correctly every time when it comes up. Sometime you have to refresh. I am sure you tried that. Do you have plugins? try disableing them.

this is what i get here is that rewards beside brave icon it used to be there…

i have no plugins its windows 7 pro


another thing to check is you rewards/ads are on

copy and paste in to address bar: brave://rewards/

thanks for the image and sys info, please do the same for the above

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