I want to sync my PC with my Iphone but sync code is invalid

I have a sync chain which already includes my Macbook and Ipohne, but whenever I want to sync my PC to them with the sync code, it’ll tell me the code is invalid.

This happens every time I try to sync my devices by copying and pasting the code from my whatsapp account directly to the sync code input window from brave.

  1. At my PC browser: brave://settings/braveSync > Start using sync > I have a sync code
  2. At my Iphone browser: Settings > sync > add a new device > computer > Copy the code to clipboard
  3. Paste the code at the “Enter a sync code” window on my PC browser and click confirm
  4. Receive the message “The code is invalid”

To be able to sync the browser on my PC with my actual sync chain.


No additional info to provide.