I want to reward specific articles no adverts wanted, can I do it?

  • I’d like to reward specific articles that are well done. (Not whole sites, just good content.) I decide how much.
  • If I can do that in the browser it’s ideal.
  • I want to fund this by putting real money in.
  • I’m not interested in adverts whatsoever, and will not agree to accept them even if only temporarily.

Can I do this in the current version of Brave?

(My read of the current system is that it’s bundled with seeing adverts, and maybe with automated payments to web sites (algorithmically apportioned).)

@MikeGale On twitter you can tip specific tweets. On Vimeo You can tip specific creators, On Github you can tip specific comments and contributors. On YouTube you can tip specific creators. You can tip specific websites. If you really want to control Your contributions, just turn off the Auto-contribute feature on the Reward Page and only tip sites, contents and creators when their contents amuse you or you think they are deserving of your Basic Attention. For Cases like your is the reason the tip Function was added.

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