I want to reset my PC, Is there a way to do it without losing the "estimated Earnings' rewards?


I will reset it after 4 days when I get my rewards for the last month.

Does Gemini also sync the ‘estimated Earnings’ ?

Hi there, I don’t think reseting the pc will harm your earnings sense its all in the cloud into ur wallet am I wrong? :smiley:

or you can transfer all to Gemini then you will still have it there

@Sneakythefirst I don’t know whether it is cloud or not but I’m sure that if brave in reinstalled all the BAT will be dissapeared and I have an experience of 2-3 times.

@Liviu Bro I don’t know if it works or not but I read it online. go to ‘brave://version/’ there u can see profile path. That is the path where your BRAVE data is stored. So backup the entire folder and after reinstalling BRAVE replace the folder which u already have.
Seriously I don’t know if it works, please do check online too and if it works please do me a favour, please leave a reply.

@Liviu I am wondering how u r getting 6+ BAT in a month I’m hardly getting 2.5 or 3 after spending considerable amount of time. Please leave some tips or something. Thankyou

@boii is right. That is what is recommended to do. Posted a really neat image that @CerealLover posted in another topic. I think it will help understand what is needed. CLover only indicated to replace the User Data folder. Brave-Browser folder works the same. You probably should back up both separately just in case…

can i create bats backup? - #4 by CerealLover


@boii You should go look at the topic linked below if you haven’t seen it. It has some interesting information about ads. Really all depends on the ad campaigns you are eligible for viewing.

Discussion Topic: What determines the number of ads per hour

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Thankyou @Chocoholic for really heplfull info

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