I want to remove a search result

When i google my name on the brave browser there is one website which shows my home address

I have been able to remove it from google so i cant see it on edge browser or google chrome browser

But on brave it still shows up, the content has been removed from the website so when i click the link it shows a 404 error, but on the seatch page the address is still visible, how to remove please help its important for me

This would be Google, rather than Brave.

This sounds interesting, as Brave has no control over what results are shown to you on Google when you do a Google search. If you’re saying you’ve hidden it from your browser, it’s possible you’ve somehow added a cookie to your browser or something to hide the result for yourself, but a browser wouldn’t specifically cause something from the internet to just disappear for everyone.

If you’re seeing something on a Google result, you should be contacting Google to try to get them to update it if they would and have it removed. If you’re saying this is what you’ve done and it’s showing, I suppose there’s a possibility it might be working off of an old cookie if you’ve searched before. In which case I’d tell you to clear cookies and test.

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