I want to get the rewards to be stored in to the browser itself

I didn’t get t any Bat’s rewards from Brave since last June. I’ve been disconnected from my verify wallet in Uphold and now I want to get the rewards to be stored in to the browser itself, as it was at the beginning.

Can someone from Brave look into it for me, and track where the BAT is going to please?

Thanks in advance!

Your BAT that was in Uphold is still there. You just need to log in Uphold and do whatever you want with it. You can trade it, you can withdraw, you can cash out.

If you activate your Brave Wallet, you can also transfer from Uphold to your Brave Wallet. But you will pay fees, which are high in the Ethereum network. Not worthy.

Regarding the rewards you have not received since June. Either your profile is flagged or there is an issue because your profile was previously connected to Uphold.
In my opinion, your best and quickest chance is to create a new profile and start over again from zero.

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I believe you are in an unsupported region?
Hence, why the wallet was disconnected from uphold.

If this was the case, then you have to fully disconnect your rewards wallet in order that you can receive the rewards monthly, in a non-verified manner.

Thanks Rodrige for your answer. Can you tell me how to create a new profile in Brave please?

Click on the hamburger icon. You will see an option to create a new profile.


@rodrige would checking if the Rewards are being sent to Uphold even if disconnected help any?

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