I want to get an old version of brave to be able to recover the synchronization key of it and be able to update it

I need to be able to put the brave synchronization key, what I did not know was that it was mandatory to update it so as not to lose information or so that said key would remain obsolete, and I tried in a thousand ways to have an old brave, however the password continues without letting me update it or without letting me put it on and I don’t have any device that has said characters or said version of brave to be able to update it as such.
Attached proof of what the error looks like: https://i.imgur.com/1xEwDZp.png

@Yefer This is because the sync code changes every 24 hours. Information you may want to see, including a solution to your problem, can be seen at link below:

(You notice in your screenshot you have 24 words. You need 25. In link I share how to get 25th word as workaround for now, but won’t work in future)

Good afternoon @Saoiray I don’t get any link which you provided to help me with the temporary solution of 25 words, if you are so kind as to help me with that I would really appreciate it.

Yes you did. I linked it in my post. The sync is not a backup is a link. If you click and read, you’ll find it. You just did not click on the link to read.

Yes, you are absolutely right, thank you very much and sorry for the inconveniences that I had to present, one more question, how do you open tor in brave?

Click the hamburger icon on top right. You find the option to open new window with Tor.


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