I want to disable Sync. Has no one else asked, or is Brave just burying the question?

I have recently noticed the brave app icon on my desktop showing a small “phone” tile in the upper right corner. When I click on it, my computer opens up the window from my phone (obviously also using brave browser). I never signed up for sync nor did I authorize this. There is no explanation where to disable this feature. Where and how can I permanently delete this feature? I keep my devices separate for a reason.

Sync only happens if you intentionally do it. It’s not something that can “accidentally” happen. You literally have to produce a code that is individual to you and then input it on the other device. Without doing that, there’s no way the browsers on different device could communicate.

I’d be curious to see this and hear what OS you’re seeing it on. This isn’t something I’ve ever seen from Brave. Makes me wonder if you have a legitimate version of Brave installed or what is going on.

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