I want to change my brave homepage to google homepage ... If there is an extension for it do mention i!

I am trying to get the homepage of google because I prefer it over any other one.
Also i know things like infinity extension but i like google chrome home page the best !

  • Do you mean you would like google.com to open at startup?
  • Is your thread about desktop or mobile, OS?
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Yes i would like google.com to open at startup .
I am using a desktop with windows 11 !
Thanks :smiley: !

  1. Open brave://settings/getStarted via the address bar.
  2. Select Open a specific page or set of pages.
  3. Add a new page → enter the desired address.

It works ! Tysm ! I have seen people ask this question many times but no solutions !

I wish brave adds a feature to use google chrome as default ( Not Search Engine ) !
So that everytime I make new tab google.com will open .

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You can configure Brave to do that, too.

  1. Open brave://settings/getStarted via the address bar.
  2. Choose Open the New Tab page.
  3. Open brave://settings/appearance via the address bar.
  4. Enable Show home button.
  5. Choose Enter custom web address → enter desired address.
  6. Open brave://settings/newTab via the address bar.
  7. New tab page showsHomepage.

Wowwwwwww !
Thank you so soooo much !
Many People are facing this issue .
Your the first one too solve it !
Sorry for the late reply !

Tysmmm :heart:

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