I want to be more places where we can send money

I want to be more places where we can send money. For exemple: paypal card, pqysafe, etc. I want to withdraw my money from brave rewards to paypal, and i don’t can!

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I keep thinking that myself and I feel like eventually it will come. For now, I just let the BAT accumulate in my UPHOLD account until I have enough to care about…lol

I like the prospect of gaining tips from good content across the web in places like twitter. I became a brave creator by registering my site thefallofthespider.com (a blog site that needs a lot of work…lol) and I have been trying to think of a way to split the “tips” or any BAT contributions received .

I have one idea where I allow guest writers to come post and share their knowledge on any given topic and some how allow the writer access to those tips. I would make tips off my own work…which I would use to keep the site up and running.

It is a pet project…I really think it could work even though it is across so many varying topics. The world is big and we have to take the 50,000 foot view of the world we live in.

omg… I can’t believe I just typed all that… my bad…lmao

yeah, that would be nice… But that needs more integration, hence more work… I’m sure they’re working on some RN, or like the solana integration I hope to see that come true.

Yes it will boost bat adoption

While it may not be easy to do at the moment there are options available. For example if you were to be connected to Uphold you can then transfer the money to your bank, which you then would transfer over to PayPal or anything that you would like. Another option is to connect Uphold to Coinbase which then you could set up various places, including PayPal.

All of that said, PayPal should be one of the last places that you would want to put your Cryptocurrency. And it definitely is not a place that you want to purchase crypto from. Places like Venmo and PayPal are currently trying to treat cryptocurrency just like an investment. They do not easily let you transfer to other people or anything of the sort. In fact, they have been known not to even provide the keys nor to it. Essentially PayPal owns all the cryptocurrency you buy and you have to let them then sell it if you want to get your money back. So that point you might’ve lost money or you might’ve gained money but regardless PayPal profited from you doing it.

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