I want to add a site in shields to download insecure pdf

“Allowed insecure content” is set for a site (ato)
& I can see it in “site & Shield” settings, the problem is I don’t know how I did it & want to add another site, how do I add another site?

Processing: brave-ato.rtf…

Comes from Chrome, a warning would’ve come up at some point where you allowed the content. I don’t believe its like a list you can simply add too here.

Here is how to add websites:

  1. Open the desired website.
  2. Click on the padlock icon in the address bar.
  3. Click on Site settings.
  4. Find Insecure content in the list of permissions.
  5. Change Block (default)Allow.
  6. Reload the desired website, you’ll be prompted to do it upon closing the Site settings window.

Thanks for the replies, Rethanis, I tried that and it appeared with the other entry, it would appear there is another reason why I get Network error when I try to download, so for the time being Unless you have a suggestion why I cant download & getting “Failed - network error” this topic will have to hibernate,

Thanks again, if you read my earlier post, my apologies

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