I want the option to disable Chromecast for Brave

I have a TV with Chromecast connected but I’m usually not the one in my family using it. Unfortunately Google doesn’t allow any way to disable Chromecast entirely from my phone. Can we at least have an option in Brave to disable Chromecast? I find I usually enable it by accident when video players present it as an option. The players often have the option dynamically pop up a second after the video has loaded and I’m about to click something else like adjusting the volume or forwarding, so it’s pretty annoying.

Hi @Dkn,

Thanks for taking the time to post and for the request!

How come you have the Chromecast button in the video? I would gladly switch places, we have Chromecast as well, but none of the devices shows chromecast in Brave, so I have to have separate browser just for this feature.