I want the legacy wallet back, the new wallet corrupts the entire browser!

The new Brave Wallet destroys the complete performance of the browser.
I have been using the Brave browser for two years with great satisfaction.
Until recently I used the old Brave Wallet (legacy version) on my desktop.
A very plain and easy wallet. Everything worked well.

Then recently, after I had signing problems, I’ve setted up the new version of the wallet. But couldn’t use it after importing the seedphrase because I created a different password that I didn’t write down.

So I continued to use the legacy wallet for the time being.

But now there was an update and I was finally able to get the new wallet ready to go again and the import of the phrase worked without the password that I no longer had.

Now the problems are really starting:

  • Since I’ve been using the new wallet, my browser has been extremely slow.
  • The signing requests take a very long time to be recognized by the wallet.
  • The balances takes forever to load.
  • When I close the browser, 10 windows tasks from Brave start in the background until the browser finally closes. Until then I can’t open it again.
  • If I call up the wallet and then decide to cancel it because it takes too long, my wallet request continues in the background and I can no longer use the browser.
  • It laags and freezes.
  • If I open any website that has Web3 services, I can’t leave the site until the Brave Wallet answered this approaches in the background.

So today I decided to reinstall the browser!

I used the option to export my wallet and instead of my Seephrase that has different words, I got a 62 digit code.
That’s strange I thought, but ok.
Now, as I have installed the Brave browser completely new, I want to recover my wallet. And there is only one way to do this:
The Seedphrase! BUT the 62 digit code after exporting is it not!!!

And now?
What a bad experience with this new wallet, I would love to have my legacy version back.
All this colorful and fancy stuff is worth nothing if it’s slow and not working!!

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The code that you have is your private key, which is different than the seed phrase. The private key can be used to recover a single account, but not an entire wallet (multiple accounts)

Below are screenshots for where you can import your private key into either the legacy or new wallet

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 10.45.40 AM

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Hello @Michel.B!

To add onto what @jleonard mentioned, here’s some additional info to help clarify the difference between recovery phrases and private keys.


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Thanks a lot!
Interesting, I didn’t know that actually.

Thank you also, for the quick answer and instruction :heart_eyes:

Here are two screenshots of my wallet UI:

I was confused, as I didn’t acknowledge the new " Back up now" feature.
My way let me into the fullscreen wallet and there I didn’t notice the menu button, as I thought I’ve already more options to the left now, like the Account menu.
Maybe an information on the Export screen would be nice, so I could take the shortcut from there to my seedphrase.


  • That gray boxes, is what I mainly see most of the time in my wallet :slight_smile:
    Could you make it green maybe hahaha
  • what does this radio symbol next to the “back up now” mean? :joy:

The symbol is a safe

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