I want my Money back fast!

You accept BAT but do not tell anybody that you get them back anytime soon, cheating.
You have any time whats the mood to turn a partner for that, impudence.
If no one works with you, you are not interested and you have Our Coins, Dreist.
You should only accept a certain number of coins in your advertising so that people can also test it.
I had sent nearly 600 bats and then you have not been able to explain how to get your coins back if you want that, even more cheeky.
Your browser is as redundant as fleas on your head.
Good had long doubt of crypto and its benefits, but that beats it by far.
Shut down and ban the whole thing.
And Krypto wants to show the financial world that they are better, no cleverer one does serious, much blah blah.
Advertising has always been exaggeration and unreal, but you are reaching a new level.
You want to put a mark on your browser, be honest and make this browser easier.
So much waste and complicated because Firefox and Opera are much better.

HODL!! I promise it will be worth it!