I want help for sync

i copy my key in my brave browser app tell me how to login again in my device if i hard reset my device how to do that do i need to remove my device first or not please tell me how to do that

If you by chance have t performance a hard reset and you have no other choice if you were let’s say connected to your brave buddy at the moment you hard reset your system you will then by default be “re raising” your newly infantlike brave buddy again… Its unfortunate and believe me I wasn’t looking forward to it last year when this guy did it!! But ill say RND2 smoother, easier and faster. .be careful with your passwords but here is a hint if you can’t remember your password. Slide your brave on and right here at the commons where you sign in a few inches above that is a small space for you to put ur email and brave will help you fix the rest…i hope any of this helps anyone im saying i alwaysgoof ans experiment to see what if this …so good luck buddy i hope I answered something for you