I Want Brave Browser Keep All My BATs, Just Take Care of Yourselves Guys


I am here again to post something unorthodox. Sadly there is no email Id in the Brave contact us page to contact the owner or any higher authority personally, so I have to say it right here as there are no options.

My life is hard, I have seen lots of ups and downs in my life. Mostly down time, as my life is still miserable. I am totally lost, don’t know what is the next step I am going to take in my life. Lost my business, my job everything and its almost 10 years I am struggling and going through hel. I am 30 years old and I am still in struggling phase and everyday I am learning and learning from my failure. I don’t know when I am going to turn all those negativity into positivity.

I came to know about brave few months ago. I live in India and its nothing like its going to make me rich with their BATs. It all started well for first few months as I collected near about 25-30 BATS quickly so I thought it’s okay, maybe this community is strong and the way they are working, they will remain strong. But for few days I see the earnings stopped, nothing from ads, not from Youtube. Got 2.7 Bats a few seconds ago. I also made a thread previously that I am not receiving Ads for weeks in here.

I know you people go through a lot of hard times. And trust me I know exactly how it feels. So that is why I want you people keep all the earnings I earned in this month. I am donating my 2.8 Bats right now to Brave.com . Just keep your money and see if you do something good for yourself and also for all the other users. I know the community is getting larger every single day. And it’s a predictable fact. I hope this 2.8 BATs gives you some idea about how to maintain this huge community properly and also how to entertain all those millions of community members too. If I start earning again, I will keep donating.


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Where did i go to make a referral

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