I wait 6 month for payout from my creator Account

Hi @steeven !


I’m really tired and fed up with the arguments from support that I haven’t transferred my Creator funds to my uphold wallet for a good 6 months! I don’t want to wait anymore, I want to be paid out now finally by brave. I have never experienced anywhere else like with brave, that you have to wait so long for your money
and have to run after it for months! If I may say so, I find it quite outrageous how often i have to write to the support team only to be kept waiting for months again. Waiting 6 months is more than enough time for good people to pay me back. I did not want to wait any longer. I want to be paid within 3 days by brave support. Uphold is a fee fail for brave users so they pay me my Creatior balance (see picture) to my trustwallet wallet. Here is my receiving id : 0xb04e8b3e3C4C0F24ea108E0C7c340a8cDA5eFb44

I request immediate payout, no further arguments and no further waiting. Thank you

Many greetings

What’s the email linked to your account? Please send in a DM.

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Your Uphold wallet is not connected.

@steeven That’s not correct! My uphold wallet is alltime connected with brave browser ! see picutre !



You can see that all on screenshots that my uphold wallet is directly connected with brave browser

as compensation for the fact that brave support kept me waiting for more than 6 months and more, and that I had to create a new request ticket almost every month to repeatedly ask brave support why my creator account BAT credit did not arrive on my uphold wallet.

Support, why my creator account BAT credit did not arrive on my uphold wallet, although according to various messages from brave support here supposedly the
error was discovered and the error was fixed! And every month I had to go to the trouble of writing and sending additional support requests, even though the problems and errors with brave browser payouts etc. were caused by brave browser itself and by the brave team and not by me self, that i wait 6 month and more, that brave browser will payout my creator BAT value to my uphold wallet!

Uphold is a big fee wallet gangster same like a bad bankster without attitude!

Better is you send my creator bat value directly to my trustwallet bat received id nr: 0xb04e8b3e3C4C0F24ea108E0C7c340a8cDA5eFb44

@steeven cause of this, i don’t want see and don’t read any question more again to me here.

I want read only, that the brave browser support pay me manually in 1 - 2 days completely out, without new statement or questions or want from me to waiting of end to this month for payouts! No i have wait over 6 month and more time and i don’t want wait only day more for the payouts from brave creator account to my uphold wallet! Respect me please and pay me manually today out! After the payout procure to me, send me a info message TODAY here, that you or the brave support have send me my Bat to my trustwallet!

Bro I understand your concern. But no manual payment can be done to third party apps or means as far as I know.

@Hakan - as mentioned above, your publishers account is not connected to your Uphold account. As mentioned above, you’ll need to reconnect this.

The screenshots that you included above are for your ads payment, not for your publishers payment. Once your publishers wallet is connected to your Uphold wallet, please let me know and I can re-review.

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