I verified & logged into Uphold on my mobile, but it didn't add my mobile's tokens?

So I got a new phone & wanted to save my 199BAT from my mobile before I wiped the phone.
I verified my wallet on my mobile via Uphold, thinking it would add my mobiles balance to my Uphold account
It did not add my mobiles 199 BAT & now I cannot logout of uphold from my mobile to access my phones locally stored coins.
Any suggestions how to log out? Or access the locally saved coins?
Worst part is, i didnt know there was a rewards-internals page i could get some sort of wallet info from before i verified, i thought verifying my mobiles wallet was just going to add its balance to my uphold?

Please let me know if these coins are lost? If so, thats sad but its OK, the real reward for me is no ads. I want to be sure though before i wipe my phone & give it to my partner to use.

Thanks guys

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How many time has passed since you linked uphold with your mobile wallet? It doesn’t transfer immediately, in my case it took 4 to 5 days, don’t remember the exact time.

The January payment is in process, so maybe you’ll get them after the process is finished

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