I trust Brave. Make more products. Phone/Email/OS/File Manager/Calendar/

I think Brave has done great with their browser. Been using it exclusively on Mobile and PC for years. Their search is progressing nicely. I now use it on all devices.

I want to use more Brave Products. I trust Brave. Trust is hard to come by in the tech industry these days. They have also shown their ability to execute well.

Unfortunately I don’t have interest in the crypto space.

I would absolutely purchase a Brave phone. Use Brave Email. Brave OS. Brave crispy burritos. Brave dryer sheets. Brave Gaming. Brave Password management (outside of browser). Brave backpacking stoves. Brave Navigation. Brave messenger. I want to spend my money on quality products from companies I can trust. The Brave Brand represents quality and worthiness for me.

Is there anything in the pipeline outside of Browser, Search and Crypto/Wallet stuff? I haven’t tried the video chat thing yet. Going to do that right now.