I tipped a redditor and github repo. Both are verified creators. Still they have not received the tips

Just wondering why they have not received the tips?

After all I sent them just over 70 BAT so wanted to follow up and make sure there is not something on my end that caused this.

Still no tips that was sent to uphold are showing up.

I sent 70+ BAT and nothing has been received. What is happening with Creator payouts?

when did you send the tips? anything sent in the first two weeks of a month won’t pay out until the next cycle.

It should show on their creators page though.

cool thanks for the info! I sent at the beginning of last month though.

Will have them check the brave creators page.

Hi, I have the same issue and I sent it on Jan between 15-20th. But the user has still not received anything. How long does it takes? Also he cannot see anything in his creator page. I gave him in Reddit.

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