I think this would bring Brave Search to #1 used search engine: search customization


For what it’s worth, I think this would bring brave search to #1 most used search engine if it were implemented.

Right now, there’s understandably alot of angst about search engines hiding/censoring/propagandizing search results. For example, people are sick of getting Mayo, Sinai Children’s, Cleveland hospital, Healthline, and the CDC as the ONLY results whenever they look up ANYTHING health related.

One feature that would be an absolute magnet for people is if Brave search engine allowed people to customize their search result weighting: so, for example, you could “downweight” Site XYZ.com that you don’t like, and those sites would henceforth be ranked lower in your search. Likewise, you would have a choice to “upweight” sites that you liked, perhaps alternative sites that otherwise wouldn’t have as much algorithmic “weight.” Users could either passively respond to sites presented (i.e. do a search, and then weight results) or actively enter sites that they would like to upweight (e.g. manually going into their account and upweighting site ABC123.com). The latter (manual update) could even be a feature of Brave premium as a form of bot control.

The user would be presented with the option on a sliding scale: From -10 to +10, say, to down or upweight the site rank.

Additionally, from an aggregate perspective, Brave Search could then use that crowdsourced data to improve it’s results overall: allow users to opt-in to share their anonymous weighting of websites (*there’d have to be bot protection of course), so that search results were derived from the wisdom of intentional crowdsource, rather than an algorithm attempting to do everything based on guessing people’s clicks and habits.

Anyways. That’s my 2c. If you like my idea, please give me a lifetime Brave premium subscription once you implement it :wink:

Thanks for reading!