I think scam bruh

I think of brave is scam! I don’t receive nothing on may… Iam verified but i don’t see any trasaction on uphold

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There are millions of Brave Browser users. I do not know what percentage of those participate in Rewards but even if it is only 10%, that still adds up to millions of Rewards users. There are less than 175k registered community members and as far as I can tell most are not posting with Rewards issues. There is a subset of a couple of thousand users more or less who continue to have issues with Rewards. That is an extremely small number compared to Brave’s overall user base. I think if Brave were scamming Rewards or anything, the backlash would be all over the internet instead of just a few thousand users out of millions. You might find the following post informative.

Profile flagged? SOLUTION HERE [working 29/4/22] - #34 by Mattches

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