I think need request to improve Brave’s password management


Password managers are becoming difficult to live without, yet they are a massive security hole since you can only trust they are not a front. Further, most of these managers keep your passwords on their servers which make them an incredible target of opportunity.

Brave having a robust management to use instead would be vastly more secure. Currently, Brave has no password required to un-encrypt and use its password manager. If a windows account is already logged into on a grabbed laptop, everything is compromised. Or, what about a laptop that is grabbed while in snooze mode, it is already logged in, just turn it on and run Brave and everything is compromised.

So requested: Add a feature in settings where if we use Brave’s password management system our passwords are encrypted and require a password to use. Allow the user to specify a length of inactivity/non-use before they must again enter the decrypt password to use the manager again. In this way stolen or sleeping Brave laptops have a hope to still be secure.


Hi @vincitytaymodaimo! Thanks for your feedback!

This is a conversation that we’ve been having for a while and you are correct in feeling that it is an important issue. As you can see in the GitHub thread above, the team has been discussing it amongst ourselves and contributors but I imagine this is unlikely to be added to our Muon build (our current live release).

However, you’ll be happy to hear that this feature is being implemented in our Brave-Core browser rewrite. In fact, if you’d like to download an early version of Brave 1.0, you can head to our website and get a copy of our Developer Build. While this build is far from complete, it has many features and fixes to previous Brave versions already implemented - Including requesting for login credentials for the password manager.

I hope this helps alleviate some of your concern. If you have any further questions for feedback, please feel free to reach out. I will be closing this topic shortly otherwise - although you’re always welcome to create a new topic :slight_smile:


Tks bro :3rd_place_medal: