I think my Estimated Pending Rewards are stuck

For the last few months my Estimated Pending Rewards has been saying i’ll get over 25 BAT, but when I click the claim button every month I get like 1.5 BAT. It’s the same on both my PC and phone.

What is to be done? :thinking:

So the hard drive died on my pc, pretty sure I can say goodbye to whatever BAT was on there.
My estimated rewards kept telling me I was gonna get over 25 BAT so I was waiting for that so that I could make an uphold wallet
Please help, my phone still says it’s gonna give me over 30 but it never does. :frowning:

Cool, cool cool cool.

you have uphold verify wallet? @Slunk

No, it says “You need to have minimum 25 BAT to create an Uphold account.” so I never did.

are you mobile user.

The answer to that is a few posts above this one.

You don’t need 25 BAT. I have my wallet verified with less.

Exactly, I verified my wallet with nothing but government issued ID card.

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