I think Bravebrowser engineers are the best in the programming world

I always trust the developers of Brave Browser even if there is a delay payment for technical reasons.


if you truly believe that, you’d be ridiculously wrong.
Brave is garbage, performance-wise.
Higher spikes of CPU usage and temps that can crash/lock up many pcs.
My $3000 rig has soft-locked a few times now, running a single Brave tab(literally just YouTube) has had me at 61C temps and 35% usage on cpu, which is insane for a web browser.
Keep in mind I run a Ryzen 7 2700 @ 4.1GHz with a Noctua NH-D15 dual tower cpu cooler, in a case with 9 case fans. I generally get amazingly good temps while playing games and VR, but a web browser soft-locks my pc and spikes my temps higher than VR…
As I said- Brave is hot garbage currently.
Not to mention the spiking RAM usage on it, far beyond what Chrome ever utilizes.

well in what OS are you?, if you are in windows i believe you, if not… I´m on linux and use brave constanlty, sometimes i open 50Tabs searching for code and related programing stuff and my processes are normal. I´m not trying to justify past answer, because i know not on every plataform runs the same, but generalizing it´s not either.

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yes, I’m using windows 10 home 64bit.
I’m not trying to generalize it either, this is a new problem for me that has been going over the past week+.

Putting aside the “hot garbage” comment, can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings to see if this resolves the issue?

You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration


if you had put aside the hot garbage comment, you wouldn’t have mentioned it.
As I have said it is currently hot garbage in it’s default state.
I have to manually adjust settings to reduce a crazy cpu temp spike? k. Guess their engineers need to address that.
I’m assuming it has far more to do with the other option right below hardware acceleration, the one that allows apps to keep running even after Brave is closed…
What a joke if that is what is causing such major spikes from a single tab being open for long periods of time (10+ hours)
Chrome works better than this does.
Thus Brave Engineers are not the best in the world. That’s just hyperbolic nonsense kiss-assing.

Did that, nothing changed. No fix.
1st pic is temp spike from brave, 2nd pic is after pulling Task Manager (temps come back down after shifting focus off Brave) 3rd pic is Chrome temps .