I think Brave Ads should be a Windows background service

It should be one of these.

r/brave_browser - I think Brave Ads should be a Windows background service.

I have to open Brave to start getting ads. I usually open Brave anyway, but I want the ads coming even if I don’t open Brave.

As great as this will be, it is probably never going to happen sadly. The ads are meant to be for using the browser and they try to ad match you to relevant ads pertaining to your searches. The browser is also supposed to be showing these ads instead of the other badder? ones they are blocking on websites. If this was a feature, the ads shown while not in use would probably be like not even close to be worth 0.005 BAT, and it would probably count towards the 40 daily limit. I would rather not have wasted daily ads on a minimal BAT ad that is for sure.

I counter-propose: Brave Ads shouldn’t be a Brave Browser service, nor an OS service, but a Browser Extension.

  • Browsing habits help to identify which customer segments the user belongs to
  • Brave Rewards can identify websites/content creators to donate to
  • Brave Ads are able to tap on all 99% of global users who use either Firefox and Chromium browsers (sorry Palefox and Dolphin)

It doesn’t make sense to tie Brave Ads to Brave Browser, when it can reach out to so much more.

I believe Brave doesn’t do this, however, because of the lawsuits Google and the advertising monopolies will launch against Brave. Either that, or Google will blacklist Brave Rewards extension from the Chrome Store.

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That’s an interesting take.

Edit: I said it should be an OS service so we don’t have to open Brave every time we want ads. Sometimes people go a while without opening any web browsers on their PCs.

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