I suspect that it has been flagged

I suspect that it has been flagged

It’s been 3 days that I don’t get ads

What is the step by step to solve this problem?


It could be because of many things. If your wallet is flagged, then a error should appear.

No error appears

My wallet is connected

The only problem is that there are no ads

So is not a flagged account. Maybe just no ads in your region are currently active…

Try to unlink-relink the exchange, if you’re flagged a banner error pops up.

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This is correct procedure to reveal your situation.

I suspect they’re flagging lots of account in this period to reduce the incoming amount of payments… dirty trick.

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Would be a great shame for them, reducing rewards means reducing users, the project will shortly fail.

but in the version of windows 11 ads arrive normally

What I can do?

If you only use brave for the rewards, then you’re doing it wrong.
Many users do t use even the rewards at all.


brave is my default browser on windows and android

Yeah, as we suspect.

Well, let’s just wait for the payments to be completed and see what happens.

I also got this little gift. Been using brave as my main browser for 2 years now and had my devices suspended. The only different thing I did was to verify 2 new devices after the limit removal.

Brave is nice and I still recommend it to everyone but Rewards is turning into a hellish frustration.

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Rewards has many issues

And the flagging of devices is indiscriminate

I hope that soon they will remove the flag

I don’t, but I could… the rewards is there, I never had problems with payments (just a little rollover balance), all I’m saying is that screwing with money make people loose trust.

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Your statement means nothing


Please don’t feed trolls bro. :japanese_ogre:

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Oh yeah, your post was very helpful for the users, especially in a topic reaching for help. At least I suggested how to verify the issue. You have a point, yes, still means nothing.

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I only use this browser for ornhub

Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our form there so we can take a closer look?

Thank you.

Thanks @steeven

My case number for this ticket is 139480