I stopped receiving BAT for ads

I have been using brave (nightly version, because in the normal one I didn’t receive ads) for a week and everything was right, I had 1.275 BAT but now when I receive ads I don’t get BAT for them. Does someone know how to fix it?

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I have encountered that bug and usually, it fixes itself.

If you have received one ad which didn’t count then wait for 2 or more ads which will update the counter and will count the uncounted ad. Same goes with the BATs, If an ad has been counted then BATs will get updated too.


After 10 ads more or less, I have started geting BAT for them again, but I haven’t received the BAT of the ads I lost

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Hey, basically Nightly is a kinda browser that gets updated every night. As doc says due to these type of updates you may loose your bat as well sometimes.

So many people prefer only brave stable browser than beta and Nightly.

Hope it may helps you :thinking:

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Yeah, I would use the normal version, but I wasn’t getting ads on that version, and an user recommended me to try with the Nightly version, and I started receiving ads.

same happened to me…didnt recived ad for a week…but now it’s ok and am getting it…wait for sometime and gradually u will recive it.

Yes, I also do not get ads on normal version for a few days now, So if I go to nightly, will I loose my 50.bat on normal one.

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