I still getting paid from uphold even I am not in supported region.

I am still getting paid from a uphold even I am not the supported region and zebpay is also arrived but there is no option showing to connect from zebpay neither in Android nor in computer.

Is your browser updated to a version higher than 1.58?

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If you had been connected prior to the country no longer being supported, you were to continue receiving payments. This was announced long ago. You’d receive payments until it disconnected or you uninstalled.

This will only show up if you choose India as your country and if you have Brave version 1.58 or higher. So if you don’t see ZebPay as an option, it would mean you’ve either chosen a country other than India or you aren’t using 1.58.

I guess Uphold once logged out can’t be reconnected unlike Gemini. So once you’re logged out nothing can be done

If you are logged out from Uphold, you should still be able to re-connect.

I see. I was connected to Uphold on a device before region unsupported issue started altogether but wasn’t able to reconnect with many people saying that same.

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